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"Inferno" Florence Tour - discovering Florence with... Dan Brown

inferno_tour_ firenze_florence_dan_brown_novel_bestseller_book_robert_langdon_danteAmong the 2013 best-selling books there is undoubtedly "INFERNO", the latest exciting novel by Dan Brown, the author of the famous and well-known "The Da Vinci Code."
Even "INFERNO" revolves around the story of professor Robert Langdon, former star of "The Da Vinci Code" and "Angels and Demons", but this time as a backdrop interweaving of events related to mystery, symbolism and history, there are Florence and Dante Alighieri with his masterpiece "Divine Comedy."

Just to follow the adventures of Robert Langdon, it will be organized in Florence by the travel agency Florence Town the INFERNO FLORENCE TOUR, an half day walking tour to discover and enjoy the most important Florentine places that Dan Brown has described in his dark novel. The highlight of this tour will be the private visit to Palazzo Vecchio, Town hall of Florence, the Duomo and the Batipstery.

The tour is made just in ENGLISH LANGUAGE (unfortunately this is the only available language for this tour) and will entertain you through symbols revealed, a magical atmosphere with mystery and suspense!!!

The INFERNO FLORENCE TOUR is available every day, except on December 25th 2013, by Florence Town.

All the Guests of Villa La Vedetta can buy this tour with a special dedicated rate with the following two different ways:

- Online as additional service, when you book your stay @ Villa La Vedetta through our booking engine

- Directly in hotel (at least 1 day prior) asking all the information you may need to the concierge staff.