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Villa La Vedetta History

In the years when Firenze was the Italian Capital, from 1865 to 1871,
the architect Giuseppe Poggi was appointed to review the urban plan-layout of the city.
The aim was to heighten-raise the narrow province territory of the Lorena
to a widespread European reality.
The constructions were massive and they were argued
because were required substantial changes to the city plan:
the majestic city walls, projected by Arnolfo di Cambio, were teared down and a ring of boulevards,
just like the Parisian ones, were created leaving only the majestic towers of the city doors...

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Even the gentle hills in the southern part of the Arno river, beloved by the painters and
at the time barely crossed by narrow roads like via San Leonardo and via San Miniato,
were suddenly replaced by modern vehicle accessible streets sided by big sidewalks with trees.
Together with the arrangement of Viale dei Colli a new neighbour of country villas
was born on the hill sloping down to Porta Romana:
these elegant dwelling were edified with the most refined styles
and surrounded by "english parks" or "italian gardens".
The architect Poggi can definitely be considered as the one who,
after the "big ones" of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, left a deep mark in the layout and in the culture of Florence: thanks to the construction of the boulevards at the side of the Arno
and of beautiful and elegant Villas,
Palaces and Squares that still embellish the nineteenth-century neighbours.
But what really gave him an everlasting fame, was the construction of that huge panoramic terrace
that emerges from the antique hill of San Miniato,
almost touching the Arno shores and sited right beside our Villa: Piazzale Michelangelo.
The construction of Villa la Vedetta started in 1869 in the precise place,
where Viale dei Colli meets the narrow street of San Miniato al Monte,
where Poggi architect wanted it to be built.
Surrounded by 8285 square meters of greenery, the Villa was built under the project of Enrico Romoli,
trusted architect of Poggi.
In 1873 the building was already completed with the current features
and it was of property of Mr Baldassarre Mattani.
The other building part of the Villa, built from the adjacent edifice and transformed into a warehouse
and residence dates back to 1906.
After this date the Villa passed through different owners and was used for different purposes,
undergoing many transformations in the interior areas.
In 1954, also thanks to the wonderful view you can enjoy from the venue, was used as a restaurant and afterwards as a dancing place: the dancing "Verde Luna" and afterwards, the "Open Gate".
In the years 1976-1977 the Villa was restructured to regain its original residential function.
In November 2003 Villa la Vedetta, after a big renovation that took it back to its original aspect,
with the same shapes,
colors and materials of the past, opens to the public as a Boutique Hotel with only 18 rooms.
Five stars luxury category, the Villa wants to offer to those
who stay in Florence an unforgettable experience.

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