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HIDDEN TREASURES OF FLORENCE:THE FLORENTINE «COLOSSEO» Via Torta - Via de Bentaccordi - Piazza Peruzzi – Firenze

At the corner of Santa Croce Square and Via Verdi you find Via Torta (“Bent”street), a road with an unusual curved layout that retraces the semicircle of the roman Amphitheatre. When it was built between 124 and 130 AD, it was well outside the walls of Florence and marked the point of maximum expansion east. The amphitheater had an elliptical shape with a diameter of 126 meters, with a capacity of about 20.000 seats. It was incorporated into other buildings during the medieval period, when houses and palaces were built on the ruins of the perimeter structures and stairs. Unlike to what happened in other cities like Lucca, in Florence also the internal area of the amphitheater was filled with new buildings and crossed by a couple of streets, namely Via dell’Anguillara and Borgo dei Greci. Today you can trace the remnants of the Coliseum in the arch of the main door of the palace at Piazza Peruzzi 6 and in the houses along Via Torta. These houses were built with the real stones of the amphitheater right on its outline, that’s why they have some rooms with a curious radial shape.

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