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HIDDEN TREASURES OF FLORENCE: THE BULL’S HEAD Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral - Firenze

Santa Maria del Fiore is famous all over the world for its Cupola, a masterpiece made by Brunelleschi, but only  a few have noticed  a little detail on  one of its facades. On the left side of the cathedral, over  the Porta della Mandorla, right on the top of a column facing Via Ricasoli, there is an unusual sculpture: a bull’shead.

Two tales are linked to this  odd decoration. The first one tells that the engineers  wanted to honor all the animals that did a hard work for  the construction of the Dome. The second one is amusing and “hot”, in fact it is linked to  memory of an adultery. The legend says that during the construction of the Cathedral a carpenter had a love  affair with the wife of a local baker, that had his shop just at the corner of Via Ricasoli. The baker discovered the betrayal and the liaison had to finish.  The carpenter however got  his revenge by placing a  bull’s head on the Dome, with its big horns pointing to the bakery, in everlasting  scorn!

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