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Panoramic Terrace

The wide, marvellous terrace with a spectacular view upon the entire city of Florence is the  distinctive trait of Villa la Vedetta , the unmistakeable element that makes it unique in the Florentine represents an unique location from which Guests can admire Florence and its famous treasures (Piazzale Michelangelo, Ponte Vecchio/Old Bridge and the

Arno River, Palazzo Vecchio, il Duomo/The Dome and the Brunelleschi's cupola, the Church of Santa Croce, Fiesole and its amazing hills). Every morning in our panoramic terrace it is served one of the most appreciated moments at Villa La Vedetta: the daily buffet breakfast.  A rich and wide buffet breakfast, with sweet and salad proposals for all the Guests which can enjoy it admiring the wonderful and unforgettable panorama of Florence. The Gazebo on the terrace is ideal for small private events.


31st ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION IN FLORENCE: "The hotel site a top Michelangelo's hill afforded an absolutely stunning view of Florence. We began each day with a view of the Duomo from the terrace at breakfast and ended each night with the same view of Florence lit up at night" (Tripadvisor)

JUST ABOUT PERFECT "Located high on a hill with a breathtaking view [from the terrace] of Florence & the Duomo" (Tripadvisor)

BREATHTAKING LOCATION, EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE: "The location could not be more incredible with its views of Florence" (Tripadvisor)

FANTASTIC VIEW OF FABULOUS VIEW OF FLORENCE: "We were so fortunate in finding this quite outstanding villa hotel with what must be one of the most superb views over Florence and its sourounding countryside" (Tripadvisor)